Why Sex, Answered.

Since 2006, I’ve had the privilege of helping thousands of individuals and couples relieve sexual pain, no/low libido and intimacy challenges.

My journey as a Sex Therapist and Trauma Therapist has provided me with the opportunity to offer specialized treatment to heal clients’ minds and bodies. Beyond that, I’ve embraced diverse professional roles, including AcroYoga Instructor and Retreat Leader. Lately, my path has led me to become a CliniCoach©, NeuroSomatic Method Sexual Solutions Coach™ and CEO.

So, what does this mean for you?

Working with me and my team opens doors to an array of approaches.

We offer you unique and tailored solutions that genuinely work and adapt to your lifestyle – regardless of busy schedules or budget constraints.


In the Strategy Call, Kayna will conduct an assessment to recommend a specific treatment plan unique to your needs. You’ll collaborate on a treatment plan based on our best recommendations and your resources (availability, time, finances, etc.).

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We don’t work directly with insurance companies, but we can provide insurance receipts or superbills for you to send to your insurance company for reimbursement.
To see if your insurance company reimburses you for sessions, we've put together some helpful information about how to leverage your benefits, which would reduce your overall costs in working with us. Helpful Insurance Guide

Many of our clients find that our programs are more cost-effective when compared to a therapist in-network. With us, you get hyper-focused, specialized care, which means it takes less time to address the issues and see significant change. Not only does this save money in the long-term, but it also requires less time to overcome sexual challenges with confidence.

If you decide that having an expert in your corner will help you achieve your goals more quickly, make a consultation appointment here.

It is often a combination of a wide range of issues -- both in the mind and from the body.

We have helped many clients experiencing Endometriosis, Adenomyosis, pudendal neuralgia, IC or painful bladder syndrome, vaginismus, hormone imbalance (vestibulodynia), tight pelvic floor (PF dysfunction), inflammation of the nerves (vulvodynia), anorgasmia (lack of orgasm), low arousal, erection difficulties, ejaculation concerns, difficulties with dating, and differences in arousal between partners.

Some of the mental health issues that enhance pain are stress, anxiety, and poor communication skills.

No matter what the cause is of pelvic pain or sexual issues, if it's chronic, it's essential to know how to use your body to work with you and your pain rather than against you.

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